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Image Capture


Camera:  Ebony 5x7in view camera using 4x5 and 5x7 back

Film:        Kodak Tmax 100 in 4x5 and 5x7in size

Scanner: Epson V850 Pro flat bed scanner scanned at 3200 dpi with Silverfast software


Camera:  Canon 35mm 5Dsr 50megapixel digital camera with Canon L  pro lens.

                Fuji 100S with Fuji GFX lens


Photoshop CC and NIK Collection filters. Helicon Focus and Photomatrix software is employed for focus stacking and multiple exposure merge


The B&W prints are printed using Cone Piezography K7 Selenium Inks. The 7 shades of grey produce delicate tonal values. Color images are printed using 8 Cone Color inks.

For up to 16x20 size, the images are printed by myself using two Epson 3880 Pro printers. 

For larger images and pricing, please request by email. For larger images, Cone Studios is employed using the same inks .

All prints are printed using 720 DPI. to obtain the very best quality and resolution.


Prints are made on either Canson Bartya Photographique or Epson Legacy Bartya,  Both papers closely resemble traditional darkroom papers,  have extremely low or no optical brightners, and are archival to assure longevity of the print.


Photo Technical Details

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